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73 Cute & Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids

73 Cute & Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids

Are you searching for fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids? Check out these 75 cute & easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids that I put together for you. These crafts are super cute and easy to make at home or in the classroom.

Article image from FunAday

1. Paper Plate St. Patrick’s Day Unicorn

I see unicorns popping up everywhere on Facebook and Pinterest. I must say they are not big in our families as boys aren’t so impressed by these magical creatures. Nevertheless I decided to craft one. With the luckiest day of the year just around the corner, I made a paper plate St Patricks Day unicorn craft.

via NonToyGifts


2. St. Patrick’s Day Pom Pom Vase

via EatMoveMake


3. Felt Clover Craft

I found myself babysitting some little ones recently and since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, I wanted to make a fun craft with them. We ended up making this Felt Clover Craft and the girls were so happy with them when we were done. This craft is pretty easy to make and with a little help from a grownup, real little ones can do most of it by themselves.

via MassHoleMommy


4. Felt Leprechaun Craft

There’s nothing my kids love more than a cute little leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day! This little leprechaun is easy to make with kids and uses basic crafting supplies.

via GrowingUpGabel


5. St. Patrick’s Day Fabric Wreath

This How to Make a Shamrock Wreath tutorial is easy to follow. These step by step instructions make it simple to put together. The result is an adorable St. Patrick’s Day wreath that is the perfect addition to your St. Patty’s decor!

via AMomsImpression


6. Shamrock & Leprechaun Hats

Turn simple paper plates into these fun hats to wear at your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!

via BakerRoss


7. Raining Luck Kid Craft

Raining Luck - Kid Craft Idea & Free Printable

via GluedToMyCraftsBlog


8. Paper Plate Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Craft

via CutesyCrafts


9. St. Patrick’s Day Blarney Stone

The Blarney Stone is a fun St. Patricks Day craft for kids that everyone is sure to LOVE!

via SomewhatSimple


10. St. Patrick’s Day Balloon Rockets

Since St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, we decided to try Racing Balloon Leprechauns instead of rockets.  We used nylon kite string, wide straws (the kind that are wrapped in paper from restaurants), green electrical tape and some leprechaun coloring sheets printed off the internet.

via HousingAForest


11. Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet

You don’t have to be Irish to get into St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I think this is a great St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids, regardless of your family’s origins. It is simple to make and you probably already have all of these supplies around your house. My picture shows a hot glue gun, but any good craft glue will work and is safer for your littles.

via AboutAMom


12. Rainbow Chain Necklace

After our rainbow chain craft we made last year was a hit, I decided the kids should make pot of gold necklaces! I think this is a great St. Patrick’s Day art project for younger kids as it uses fine motor skills.

via CraftyMorning


13. Pot of Gold Paper Plate Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and we had so much fun making our Preschool Leprechaun Craft, we wanted to do more! So we made this easy Pot of Gold Craft for Kids to go along with our leprechaun!

via TheSimpleParent


14. Pipe Cleaner Rainbow

Make this fun and inviting preschool rainbow craft with paper and pipe cleaners (chenille stems)! This activity is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or for spring. This easy-to-make craft would be a great addition to your weather unit and fun way for your preschoolers to develop their fine motor skills.

via PreschoolInspirations


15. Leprechaun Lookers

Leprechaun Lookers are sure to be a hit with your kids this St. Patrick’s Day!

via LoveYourLittles


16. Felt Rainbow

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, or any day, with this fun Felt Rainbow with a Pot of Gold craft tutorial! This craft is perfect for teaching young children their colors and building their hand strength with various cutting.

via FindingZest


17. St. Patrick’s Day Paper Straw Necklace

If you are looking for a sweet and simple St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids, look no further than this St. Patrick’s Day straw necklace. You can make one with just two supplies, and it is so easy that even little hands can get in on the action.

via YouBrewMyTea


18. Wee Little Shamrock Men

via SweetAndLovelyCrafts


19. Shamrock Wand

For St. Patrick’s Day, we made a pretty shamrock wand craft! This is the perfect art project for little girls who love to play pretend fairies! It’s an easy craft to make and can entertain kids for hours!

via CraftyMorning


20. Painted Sham-Rocks

You don’t have to be Irish, to want a little bit of the luck of the Irish on your side.  If you are looking for a simple St. Patrick’s Day craft, these painted rock shamrocks are perfect. The best part is you can find most of your supplies in your backyard.  All you need for these simple sham-rocks are rocks, sticks and some acrylic paints.

via ThePinterestedParent


21. Clay Pot Leprechaun Hat

A fun and easy leprechaun craft for kids. Use a clay pot to create a leprechaun hat and decorate it with a paper shamrock.

vua NonToyGifts


22. Rainbow Binoculars

Make some fun rainbow binoculars out of toilet paper rolls! This is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day craft for younger kids so they can go look for leprechauns!

via CraftyMorning


23. Beaded Shamrocks

Children just love bead and pipe cleaners!  Set those two items out, and watch the kiddos go at it.  In addition to creativity, beading allows children to work on their fine motor skills.  Math can even come into the equation through patterns, colors, and counting.  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a fun beading craft for the kids . . . beaded shamrocks!

via FunADay


24. St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

This project was a quick and easy way to make a kid-made St. Patrick’s Day decoration. We were able to tackle it in two short project times after school (each part took less than 10 minutes) and the boys love the results.

via KitchenFloorCrafts


25. Leprechaun Hat

It’s the time of year for wearing green, searching for four-leaf clovers, and making St. Patrick’s Day crafts. This colorful leprechaun hat is a fun project for kids and needs only a bit of felt, a dab of glue, and lots of green paint!

via PreschoolToolKit


26. Pot of Gold Fine Motor Craft

You are going to love this fun Pot of Gold Craft as much as your kids. It is a fun craft project that results in one of the most eye catching pots of gold I have ever seen. But if you look beneath the surface, you’ll find a fine motor activity designed to strengthen fine motor skills for kids. Cool craft + fine motor activity = mom win!

via MessForLess


27. Leprechaun Paper Rolls

If you’d like a little luck of the Irish on your side, you may want to make this easy toilet paper roll leprechaun craft. Kids love to make things out of toilet paper rolls, and we love that it’s a great way to recycle them into something new!

via TheBestIdeasForKids


28. Edible Rainbow Craft

You know that old story about how there’s supposed to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well, that sounds nice, but I’ve found something even better…an edible craft activity that will keep my kids busy and happy for an hour. And I guarantee, yours will love it too, because what kid doesn’t want to be able to play with their food?

via FamilyFreshMeals


29. Rainbow Paper Craft

I know it’s still February, but we’ve been having lots of warmer weather recently here in NC, which is making me excited for spring.  We’ve had several rainy days recently too, though so I feel like an easy rainbow paper craft is fitting for this week.  And who doesn’t love a good rainbow craft for kids?

via LiveWellPlayTogether


30. St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft: Mosaic Paper Shamrocks

No matter what you call it, this little green plant with heart shaped leaves is the quintessential symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ve put together a fun kids craft to celebrate the holiday – mosaic paper shamrocks!

via HappinessIsHomemade

31. Rainbow Watercolor Salt Paint Shamrock

Try this easy rainbow shamrock art project for Saint Patrick’s Day!

via RhythmsOfPlay


32. Leprechaun Stuck in His Own Hat

via ACupcakeForTheTeacher


33. Rainbow Chain Link Craft

Here’s an easy St Patricks Day craft for the kids to make – a rainbow pot o’ gold chain link! It’s a great decoration piece for parties or to hang outside! I love how this art project turned out.

via CraftyMorning


34. Shamrock Thumbprint Craft

Try this St. Patrick’s Day Decorations for Kids craft during the month of March or as a Saint Patrick’s Day Craft.  Use a simple shamrock shape to create a silhouette with thumbprints for a fun and festive sensory craft to do at home or in the classroom!

via ADabOfGlueWillDo


35. Craft Sticks Leprechaun Hat Craft

While I’m planning fun activities and crafts for St. Patrick’s Day, like this leprechaun hat craft, the kids are busy plotting and planning how they might trap and capture a leprechaun. They have yet to develop a successfully plan. The elusive little creatives gets away every time, but that does not diminish their enthusiasm.

via TheResourcefulMama


36. St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Paper Plate Kids Craft

I love the month of March and all things Irish. Like this fun St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Kids Craft my girls enjoyed making so much! Check out some more spring Paper Plate Crafts your kids will adore!

via SimplyTodayLife


37. Shamrock Suncatcher

With March quickly approaching we decided to make a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft.  Each rainbow shamrock suncatcher is a colorful touch of spring hanging in the window.

via TheresJustOneMommy


38. Potted Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time for this Potted Rainbow Craft!

via MomOnTimeout


39. Stained Glass Rainbows

Stained Glass Rainbows are the perfect craft for kids for Spring and St. Patrick’s Day!

via MomOnTimeout


40. Build Your Own Rainbow Kit for Kids

Wouldn’t it be fun to build your very own rainbow? Here is a simple rainbow you can make and a storm isn’t even required. This Build Your Own Rainbow Kit for Kids offers them a fun and colorful time, as well as strengthens fine motor skills. You can make your rainbow kit using items from your local Dollar Tree store, making this a craft that is just as fun as it is affordable.

via PremeditatedLeftovers


41. Wine Cork Clover Stamps

Are you ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? If so, these wine cork clover stamps should do the trick! You can make your own wine cork clover stamps using just a handful of old corks, a rubber band, and a little paint. How simple is that?

via PremeditatedLeftovers


42. Rainbow Shamrock

I have a two year old and a three year old and sometimes its hard to find activities for kids that they both can do. The other night we created rainbow shamrocks and it was an activity that both kids were able to enjoy.

via CrystalAndComp


43. Fingerprint Shamrock Canvas

via MeaningfulMama


44. Rainbow Crafts: Layered Felt Rainbow Magnet

Rainbow crafts are really fun for kids because they are so colorful and very easy to make. Sure, you usually see rainbow crafts during St. Patrick’s Day, but rainbows are most common in spring due to the high amount of rain and the parting of the clouds to make way for the sun.

via CraftsByAmanda


45. Lucky Leprechaun Rainbow Spy Glass

If your little leprechauns are on the hunt for gold this St. Patrick’s Day season, they will no doubt need the perfect spy glass. Making your DIY Lucky Leprechaun Rainbow Spy Glass is easy, and all you need is a few supplies from your local dollar store. In no time your kids will have the perfect spy glass for spotting that pot of gold!

via PremeditatedLeftovers


46.How to Make Shamrocks Using Pipe Cleaners

These DIY Chenille Shamrocks are a fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids using pipe cleaners.

via PremeditatedLeftovers


47. Paper Plate Rainbow

Today I have the pleasure of showing you an incredibly easy paper plate rainbow craft that’s perfect for your toddler or preschooler.

via ArtyCraftyKids


48. Painted Rock Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

via JustALittleCreativity


49. Whimsical Rainbow Shaker Wands for St. Patrick’s Day

Are you searching for fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids? Our DIY Whimsical Rainbow Shaker wand is easy to make at home or in the classroom.

via HappyMothering


50. Shamrock Man

We love doing all sorts of craft projects, but sometimes you need one that requires the basics: paper, glue, scissors. This St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Man fits the bill.

via TheResourcefulMama


51. Easy Leprechaun Handprint Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Make this easy Leprechaun Handprint Craft for St. Patrick’s Day.

via SimpleEverydayMom


52. St. Patrick’s Day Calming Bottle

I love making these calming bottles with my kids. We use them for a variety of things; timers, decorations, just good ol toys. These St. Patrick’s Day Calming Bottle are simple to make and kiddos everywhere can easily customize them to their liking.

via TheHomebasedLife


53. Leprechaun with a Yarn Beard

We’ve been having a lot of fun with yarn lately and wanted to incorporate into a St. Patrick’s Day craft, so we made this Leprechaun craft using yarn for the beard.

via TheResourcefulMama


54. Paper Plate Leprechaun

Find GOLD at the end of the crafty rainbow with us! Check out our exclusive Paper Plate Leprechaun kid craft tutorial!

via GluedToMyCraftsBlog


55. Rainbow Bracelets

via SimpleEverydayMom


56. Four Leaf Clover Craft for Kids

Our kids love to celebrate every holiday, big or small with crafts, activities, decor, and food. We are getting a head start on the next holiday with this St. Patrick’s Day kid craft, a Crepe Paper Shamrock.

via TheResourcefulMama


57. Paper Plate Rainbows

This genius little St. Patrick’s Day craft was made by Jayne Lawrence’s kiddos! Just cut off the bottom of a plate and the inside. Then have the kids color a rainbow with the crayons on the bumpy parts. Cut out a white cloud with paper and print off some small pot of gold to glue on! Adorable.

via CraftyMorning


58. End of the Rainbow Paper Plate Twirlers


via CraftyMorning


59. St. Patrick’s Day Owl Treat Box

If you need a cute St. Patrick’s Day treat idea, these little owl treat pillow boxes are perfect! They’re adorable and kids of all ages will be able to open them right up.

via CraftaholicsAnonymous


60. St. Patrick’s Day Footprints

via TheKeeperOfTheCheerios


61. DIY Footprint Art for St. Patrick’s Day

via TheLifeOfLori


62. Toilet Paper Leprechaun Hats

We love you using our recycled  toilet paper rolls in crafts. For St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to make Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun Hats.

via TheResourcefulMama


63. Pot-o-Gold Slime

via MomDot


64. Footprint Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover Footprint Craft | St Patrick's Day Shamrock

Have you seen the Handprint 4 Leaf Clover we made? We decided to make a footprint 4 leaf clover too! It’s a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft that also make a cute keepsake. Kids might enjoy learning about lucky charms and what they mean.

via FunHandprintArtBlog


65. Leprechaun Hat Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Inspired by our wildly popular Snowman Hat Ornaments, we are breaking out the craft sticks, paint, and glue once again to make an easy and fun Leprechaun Hat craft that is perfect for home or school.

via FirefliesAndMudPies


66. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Hats

St. Patrick’s Day crafts are fun to make. Rainbows never go out of style. And who can say no to glitter?

via CouponsAreGreat


67. Water Bottle 3 Leaf Clover Cards

I am so excited to share with you guys what I realized- there are secret hidden 3 leaf clovers on the bottom of WATER BOTTLES! I was staring at it and thought it would make the perfect stamp (not at all) but made it into a beautiful St. Patrick’s day card that almost cost NOTHING to make! This could be an easy craft for kids to make as well.

via CraftyMorning


68. Green Glitter Slime for St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve read that everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so we show show our lucky side with awesome homemade slime. Our last name is Irish, so of course we had to make a St Patrick’s Day green glitter slime this year. Our homemade slime is a fun activity for science and sensory play all in one!

via LittleBinsForLittleHands


69. 3D Over the Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Craft3d-over-the-rainbow-st-patricks-day-kids-craft-

Here’s a fun and challenging craft for kids to make! It’s a 3D rainbow that has a pot of gold. This is a great art project for St. Patrick’s Day and I made step by step photo directions for you to print!

via CraftyMorning


70. Shamrocks Love Plant

Shamrock Love Plant {Kid Craft}

St Patty’s Day is fast approaching! With every holiday that passes by, it’s a good excuse for me {and you} to do crafts with our children centered around the time of year. So without further ado and the theme of all things lucky & green – today I’m sharing this “Shamrock Love Plant” kid craft idea.

via GluedToMyCraftsBlog


71. Little Shamrock Pal Finger Puppets

Today I’m sharing these Little Shamrock Pal Finger Puppets that your kids will love! If you’ve been looking for a simple St. Patrick’s Day craft to make with your kids, this is it! These cute little shamrock finger puppets are seriously the easiest thing ever to make and they are one of those simple joys that will bring a big ol’ smile to your child’s face.

via IHeartCraftyThings


72. Marshmallow Shamrock Stamping

Marshmallow paint stamped shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. Easy kid's arts and craft projects for preschoolers and toddlers

My daughter loves stamping. It is an easy way to make a lovely & easy craft. We happened to have a bag of jumbo marshmallows from last weekend Rice Krispie Treat Rainbows, so we put them to good use. This is an easy one. Give your child a marshmallow & some green paint. Show them how to stamp the shape of a shamrock by stamping twice side by side & one centered over the top of the two.

via ThePinterestedParent


73. Four Leaf Clover Craft for Kids

shamrock craft with green pom poms

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and we’ve been on a roll with all the fun activities for kids we’ve created for this holiday. Today, we’re making a cute photo keepsake shamrock that’s simple and fun to make!

via SimpleEverydayMom

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