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18 Easy Chinese New Year Decorations to DIY

18 Easy Chinese New Year Decorations to DIY

Chinese New Year is coming up and here are 18 easy Chinese New Year decorations to DIY for the occasion.

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1. Chinese New Year Paper Plate Drum

This Chinese New Year Paper Plate Drum is simple to make with young children and is also a great wall decoration.

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2. Chinese New Year Party Favors

One of the favorite Chinese New Year traditions are red gift packets or envelopes of money and trinkets. These easy to make and frugal Chinese New Year Party Favors are a fun way to celebrate.

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3. Chinese New Year Good Fortune Clementine Tree

So what are you waiting for? Let’s crochet ourselves a Good Fortune Clementine Tree and bring on the good fortune! Gung Hei Faat Choi!!

via Doriyumi


4. Crochet Chinese New Year Doll

This is my first original pattern and the first one I’ve ever written up, so if you have any questions or find any errors, please let me know!

via AllAboutAmi


5. Crochet Chinese Lantern

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I can really feel the prosperous festive atmosphere sprouting around when Amy from Hooked submitted her guest post for this Chinese Lantern amigurumi pattern.  The free Chinese Lantern amigurumi pattern comes in 2 shapes, round and long. They are quick project to crochet and you can easily whip up a few of them in a day. The Chinese Lantern amigurumi are perfect ornament to boost up the good fortune in your house.

via CraftPassion


6. Amigurumi Paper Lanterns Pattern

These little amigurumi lanterns are based on the paper lanterns seen so often in Japan. The round red lantern is decorated with three cherry blossoms and the tall white lantern features the kanji character for “strength.”

via Ravelry


7. How To Make A Chinese Dragon Puppet

We love celebrating the Chinese New Year with the kids.  This year we are making these Chinese Dragon Puppets.

via MadeWithHappy


8. Beautiful Tissue Paper Blossoms For Chinese New Year

I remember making paper blossoms for Lunar New Year decoration as a kid.  It’s a symbol for Spring, luck and prosperity.  This is a fun and very simple project.  You can make your own just in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Have fun!

via TinyHaus


9. Chinese New Year Paper Blossoms

I’ve been reading up a bit on the holiday to help me explain it to my older son.  Recently I learned that we often see plum blossom flowers decorating homes around this time of year.  Apparently they represent perseverance, courage, and reliability.  (Beautiful, right?)  Well, we don’t have any plum blossom flowers around here…. but we do have pink tissue paper and twigs.  So we grabbed our crafting materials and then set to making ourselves some really easy and beautiful flower decorations for the New Year!

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10. Snowflake Chinese New Year Paper Cut

Once you’re good at paper cutting, give this one a go. Just follow this picture, fold the circle of paper in half four times.

via VisionTimes


11. Chinese New Year Toilet Paper Tube Firecrackers

When I think of Chinese New Year, I think of the eagerly anticipated dragon and lion dances in Chinatown. I remember standing with my family in the massive crowd lining the streets and straining my ears for the sound of drums and firecrackers over the crowd. Those firecrackers meant the dancers were on the way!

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12. Chinese New Year Drum

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13. Chinese New Year Blossom Tree 2019 Background

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14. DIY Lucky Red Envelopes

To celebrate Chinese New Year at home, I created my own version of a lucky red envelope and am sharing the pattern with you. The envelope is adorned with the Chinese Fu character, which means “fortune” or “good luck”.

via ThriftyJinxy


15. DIY Paper Fortune Cookies

This Chinese New Year, celebrate your friends and family with these DIY fortune cookie favors. And feel free to make the fortunes funny and/or personal for extra fun!

via IdeasEvite


16. DIY Easy Chinese Lantern

via ICreativeIdeas


17. Chinese New Year DIY Lantern

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18. Chinese New Year Paper Lantern

Chinese New Year is coming up and we have been itching to design and make a traditional Chinese paper lantern for the occasion. Our DIY paper lantern is a mini version of the real thing and is very simple to make with our pattern and tutorial.

via LiaGriffith

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